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goodfantasicons's Journal

High Quality Fantasy Icons
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Welcome to goodfantasicons! A community for posting any and all kinds of fantasy icons, but only after you've been put through a bit of a screening process. As the name indicates, this is a place for high quality icons only.

What makes a good icon?

Putting a lot of work into it, not just a bit of half-arsed cropping and slapping on a border. There's good use of fonts, layers, brushes, gradients, anti-alias...but this isn't a tutorial community. If you're here, and meaning to apply, you should already know all this, anyway.

What makes you think you're good enough to judge my icons?

I've been making them for quite some time, and read enough tutorials to know the dos-and-don'ts of icon making. Plus I watch several elite icon communities, all of which I'm a member of, so I do know what does a good icon maker make.

I wasn't accepted, you nasty bitca! I will now go leave nasty comments in your personal journal!

Or not. If you're not accepted, you're welcome to try again. Just please give it at least a week, so you can show that you've improved. It's never anything personal, just the quality of your icons. Give it time. Rome. A day. You get the picture.

If you'd like to test your talents, please do the following:

[x] Leave a comment in this post, and this post only.
[x] If you're not accepted, please take it like a grown-up. No nasty comments, or you'll never get to reapply.
[x] Give me at least a few days before you start pestering me about reviewing your application. Sometimes, stuff just gets in the way of online fun.

All good communities have rules. Make sure you read these, or it's the fast track to outta here.

[x] All icon posts need to include icons that have to do with fantasy; i.e. magic, elves, vampires, withces, werewolves, etc. Sci-fi doesn't count, meaning hi-tech, aliens, spaceships... In the end, it'll be a judgement call made by the mod, and I promise I won't be a nitpicker. If you're in doubt, just make the post and I'll let you know if it's not appropriate. You're welcome to include other kinds of icons in the post, so long as there's also fantasy ones.

[x] Actors that have done fantasy movies/TV shows don't count, unless they're in their fantasy character's role. So no Orlando-in-Ned-Kelly icons, please.

[x] If you're posting more than 3-4 icons, please use an LJ-cut. Samples are fine, as long as they follow the aforementioned rule. One-icon posts are frowned upon. It's better to wait 'til you have more to share.

[x] Put a spoiler/violence/nudity/profanity warning in your post, if such a thing is applicable. Please remember that not everyone gets to see an episode of Charmed, Lost etc. the day that it's aired, or even the next day.

[x] Even if you're not accepted into the community, or have no desire to post icons, you're welcome to watch. Just be sure to follow the rules stated by each individual icon maker.

[x] Leave a comment if you're taking, every icon maker lives for feedback. (Unless otherwise stated in the respective post)

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